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I was referred to WOOTU by a friend of mine and after my initial consultation, I enrolled with them for their diet food subscription. After 1 month of taking their food, I have lost 6 Kgs. They offer a wide variety of food which is absolutely delicious and, not once did I feel like I was undergoing a weight loss program. Best of all is their delivery – They offer free delivery across Chennai and their service has always been prompt.

H.R.Manager Weight loss clinic Chennai
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I loved the Experience with Wootu and their team. I was very worried with my weight gain and tried a lot of ways on my own but could not shed any weight. With Wootu’s consultation, Diet and Detox plan I was able to shed 9.5kg in a 3 month span. The experience was amazing and the results were outstanding. Their understanding of my lifestyle and tailoring the Diet plan to suit my needs was something that stood out. Off-course, their attention to detail and personalized follow-up were really impressive. Without a doubt – if you’re thinking weight loss, think Wootu! You’ll not regret it.

Ajith Kumar
Business & Technology Associate nutrition centre in chennai

Choosing Wootu for my weight loss is one of the best decisions I have taken. I’ve lost 15 Kgs in 3 months. Their consultation was meticulous and scientific. Their dietitians were very knowledgeable and were happy to clarify any doubts that I had. I chose to take their Diet Consultation with a quarterly Diet Plan. My Dietitians have been extremely supportive and are accessible anytime to address my queries. They also follow up regularly to ensure I don’t stray from the plan. Although I was a sceptical about the diet plan, I must admit that their food is amazing. I never knew diet food can be made this delicious. Kudos to the team and all the very best.

Vaishu Sundar
Actresswootu weight loss clinic

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best nutritionist near me
Before and after photo of Sujith, a delighted client who took Diet, Detox and Therapy treatment for weight loss from Wootu Nutrition in Chennai .
Sahayasherla before & after photo, who took Melishape Detox plan for weight loss from Wootu Nutrition in Chennai .
Venkat's before and afters, a happy client who lost weight with the use of food and therapy at Wootu Nutrition in Chennai.
Weight loss exercise with dietitian guidance provided by Wootu Nutrition in Chennai

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Ever wonder what you would be without all those junk foods and gluttonous streaks in the past? Well, fortunately, it's never too late to start again. Eating healthy is the first step towards a healthier, vibrant life, and Wootu will be there by your side every step of the way. Wootu is the best weight loss clinic in Chennai that helps to reduce weight with a balanced diet plan for every individual. Wootu, as a top nutritionist in Chennai, makes sure that you eat right even in your daily hectic schedule. Wootu ensures that you will regain your strength and thriving self. Our dietitians offer holistic weight loss treatments to solve all your dietary troubles and make you fit and healthy again.

Now personalize your unique needs and build a perfect roadmap to your health goals. Get in touch with our best dietician in Chennai for weight loss. Receive carefully designed plans through one of our health coaches for weight loss in Chennai, who is adroit at monitoring the process in your everyday dietary process.

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