How it works?

diet food delivery chennai


Curate your calorie and macros balanced menu during your free nutritionist consultation.
keto diet food delivery in chennai

Build your meal plan

Select food you love that helps you reach your wellness goals.

diet food in chennai

Prepared by international chefs

Curated by Nutritionists. Cooked and prepared to your needs.

monthly diet food delivery chennai

Delivered fresh in sustainable packaging

Delivered directly to your door.

This Celeb-Favorite Meal Delivery Program Makes Clean Eating So Easy!

Eat Healthy, Look Healthy, Feel Healthy

  • All Natural Ingredients​
  • Free Door Delivery
  • Tailored Meal Plans​
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Want To Have A Feel Of What We Deliver?

We have keto brownies, custards and cup cakes delivered on desserts days. Sambar rice, idlis, lasanges, pastas and sandwiches form our keto menu. If you opt for balanced diet delivery, the spread is even more exicting from continental to south Indian cuisines.

healthy food weight loss

Keto Lasange

Rich in edible fat | 300 kcal Keto lasagne is rich and delicious with layers of eggs/ low carbohydrates vegetables topped with unprocessed calces and erm fresh mozzarela cheese.

keto diet meal delivery

Keto Curd Rice

Rich in protein and fiber | 200 kcal Keto curd rice is a wonderful alternative to traditional curd rice. It is made with bottle gourd. probiotic rich curd and spiced with Indian aromatic kitchen ingredients and nuts make it a low carbohydrate, protein and healthy fat rich wholesome meal.

keto meal delivery chennai

Keto Cupcakes

Rich in Fiber and Fat | 240 kCal We don't want vou to miss out on sweet things in life. This mini cup cakes are made up of low carbohydrates flours, organic coco and no sugar with only 6g of net carbs and one of the finest recipes from Wootu kitchen. Our founder's personal favourite.

Why Wootu?

keto diet chennai

No more groceries, prep and cleaning

keto food delivery chennai
100% Clean Eating

No preservatives, food coloring or additives added

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Healthy Comfort Food

International menu - Keto naan or konjac rice paella or keto fatayer...yes please!

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Real Ingredients

We check those labels for no nasties to make sure all of it is safe to feed to your family.

keto home delivery meals

To fit your fitness goal

Nutritionist on call

Ongoing nutritionist support

Dr. Preeti Raj Approved Weight Loss Diet Food Subscription Treatment!

weight loss food subscription in chennai

Ready-to-eat healthy meal plans created for your health challenges. No matter what you are facing in life, we are here to support you with personalized plans for:

diet food subscription in chennai


weight loss food delivery chennai


diet food delivery in chennai


Keto Diet Food Door Delivery

diet food home delivery near me

Free Customization

Calories and nutrient requirements vary. Wootu’s dietitians calculate this for you and prescribe the correct amount required for your health goal. Lose weight not health. Be it 1200 calories or 2000 calories, the price doesn’t change. Be it veg or non veg; the price is the same. Be it Adyar or Avadi, the price remains the same. Allergies and dislikes are taken into account too

diet food in chennai

Free Expert Support

Chennai’s No 1 diet clinic with four branches in Anna Nagar, OMR, Tambaram and Porur, Wootu assures a healthy weight loss. Wootu’s App tracks your daily food intake, sleep pattern and water consumption. You get unlimited access to our dietitians for any queries, doubts and guidance. You can visit any of our clinics for assessment, consultation and review by our dietitians all for free

monthly diet food delivery chennai


Wootu has helped over 15000 customers so far and the ever-growing clientele. From celebrities to top business men, Wootu is their choice for diet. If you want work with the market leaders, qualified experts, hygienic food providers don’t look elsewhere. BTW, we boast a 98% success rate for weight loss and related medical conditions

Choose Your Suitable Plan



  • Rs. 273 per meal

  • Dr Preeti curated diet

  • App based tracking

  • Unlimited clinic access

  • Unlimited access to a dietitian

  • No Detoxification

  • Assured Weight Loss



  • Rs. 273 per meal

  • Dr Preeti curated diet

  • App based tracking

  • Unlimited clinic access

  • Unlimited access to dietitian

  • 4 weeks detox kits delivered

  • Assured Weight Loss

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Frequently Asked Questions

diet food delivery chennai
All you need to know about this contouring treatment.
Do I get to Choose my Meals?
Partially yes. Our dietitian decides what you should eat depending on your health goal but she will accommodate your specific requests to food items as much as she can. But remember, dietitian has the final say as she knows what you should eat to reach your goal
Do you accommodate specific diets or allergies?
Yes, during the initial consultation session (virtual or at clinic), your dietitian will take into account your allergies and conditions. Your diet plan will be designed to cater to your requirements before it reaches Wootu kitchen
Are my food freshly cooked?
Absolutely. No stored, processed or frozen foods. We are Indians who like freshly cooked foods and hence we deliver fresh food cooked a few minutes before delivery. There’s more. We use best cooking practices including types of vegetables, ingredients, amount of oil, salt, sugar and even type of utensils for best results
Where and when can you deliver?
We deliver breakfast and lunch in the morning and dinner freshly prepared in the evening and delivered at your location separately. We deliver all over Chennai. No area restrictions.
Can I cancel the meal for specific day/time?
Yes you can cancel your next day food delivery in the Wootu app till 6 pm each day
Do you provide diet meal only on monthly subscription?
Fat reduction through Yes. We take monthly and quarterly subscriptions only. We don’t take daily orders. We are not a restaurant. We are dietitians and we provide nutrition to reach health goals.
What should I do if I feel hungry between meal?
During the counseling session with the dietitian, you will be instructed on what you can eat and what you should avoid if you feel hungry between meals. But don’t worry, we provide enough food to avoid hunger pangs in between meals. You wont need anything else.

Ready to start your Weight Loss Journey?

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